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Savage Worlds Toolset

Howdy folks, and welcome to my toolset. My name is Brendan Quinn from Squid&Crow and I'm one of the webmasters for Pinnacle Entertainment Group's website. This site was built to house a series of tools to be used by game masters and players of Pinnacle's Savage Worlds RPG. With any luck, the tools you find here will help your games get to the table a bit faster so you can focus on the important part: playing.

We at Squid&Crow love Savage Worlds (and the folks at Pinnacle) and more than that, we love the Savage Worlds community. Seriously, you guys are freaking awesome.

This site — and all tools on it — will always remain 100% free to all users.

There will never be any cost for registration, no recurring subscription. Nothing.

I need your help!

Tools in the toolset will be built out based on community demand. Soon, a method for community submission and voting will be created to let me know what things you want there. Once there's enough demand, the idea for the tool will enter a pledge phase where I'll put a cost to the build and begin accepting cash to fund it via Kickstarter. Once the tool is funded, it will enter a building phase and be launched immediately after testing.

Part of the cost to build will include any licensing fees required by the publisher (Pinnacle or otherwise) and purchasing the book if I don't already own it. The rest of it covers the cost to develop.

In addition to earmarking pledges for specific projects, a general funding pool exists here. Up to 50% of a new project's cost will come from the pool. The rest will be devoted to maintaining existing tools by incorporating additional features or errata and to building additional tools that I just want to release.